Looking to make great BBQ?

Let the rubs and sauce from Blind Rooster Seasonings make your next barbecue the best in town. Use our seasonings for just about anything you can cook, grill or smoke!

Try our BBQ Rubs and Sauce


Blind Rooster Seasonings was born from an obsession with BBQ and the Blues. We took that obsession and created an entire line of BBQ rubs and seasonings to use with your grill or smoker.

We work hard to blend just the right rubs and sauce for perfect barbecue every time.

We pride ourselves on premium rubs and sauce, not the boring “off-the-grocery-shelf” seasonings. We don’t add fillers and anti-clumping agents…just great taste.

You can use our seasonings or sauce on everything from fries to meat, seafood, veggies and more! Our great recipe ideas will turn your next barbecue into a huge success. Login for free to see our premium content.

We use the freshest spices available and blend them into totally unique flavors that you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you prefer beef, ribs, pork, chicken, or lamb we have the dry rub for you. We even have a spice mixture to make your own bread dip and BBQ sauce.

Since our other obsession is the Blues…we soon will have information, links, trivia and favourite artists that we think will compliment our dry rubs, sauces and seasonings throughout your cookout. Remember, half the fun of eating great BBQ is getting ready to eat a great BBQ.

So, if you are tired of the ordinary “off the shelf” spices that every grocery store carries, try our special dry rubs and seasonings. You’ll have the best BBQ possible.

Thank you for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you !!!

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“Best sauce I’ve ever had.”

— Mike

“The beef rub is great for brisket.”

— Rob

“I put the BBQ sauce on everything.”

— Tera

“My son is not a meat eater…but he devoured the pulled pork.”

— Robyn