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Here are all of our dry rubs, seasonings and BBQ sauce. We don’t package our spices in those wimpy 2 or 3 ounce sizes. We want you to get some cooking, grilling and smoking done! Blind Rooster Seasonings are sealed and then packaged in a reusable, opaque bag to help keep them fresh. All seasonings should be kept in a dry, dark place to help preserve freshness. Don’t forget to check out our Sampler Packages for the diehard barbeque fanatic. You can try all of our dry rubs, BBQ sauce and bread dip and get the most “spice-for-the-buck”. 


 “Big Boss Man” – Your guests may be singing you “Big Boss Man” praises if you serve them this tasty rub. This is excellent on brisket. (Sugar, salt, paprika, spices)


 It’ll be a “Wang Dang Doodle” night if you use these spices on poultry. Be sure to read our blog for the juiciest bird ever. (Mustard, salt, garlic, onion, spices)

baghealerrub “The Healer” is quite possibly the best pulled pork rub you can get. It has just the right amount of “heat & sweet”. After you have pulled the pork, sprinkle some more on to season all the meat. Have some of our BBQ sauce on the side for those that like it wet. (Salt, paprika, sugar, garlic, spices)


 “Bone Pickin” is the spicy rib rub you’ve been looking for. Our secret combination of spices will leave you wanting for more. (Sugar, salt, paprika, pepper, garlic, spices)


 You may want more than just a “Spoonful” of this great combination. Lamb may not be as common as ribs or brisket, but a great meat for the BBQ lover. (Salt, garlic, rosemary, spices)


 How can you have warm bread without “The Mojo” to go along with it. Our favorite is focaccia bread and this signature dip. Mix these spices with your own olive oil to make 4 cups of dip. (garlic, basil, salt, spices)


 Are you tired of the same ol’ bland grocery store sauces? Try our “Special Recipe” BBQ sauce that is sure to please the toughest Q-er. This package has enough spices to mix 1 cup of BBQ sauce. You will need to add your own ketchup. (Sugar, mustard, salt, spices).

sampler rub

The Rub Sampler has all 5 flavors of rubs included…the essential package for the BBQ enthusiast. The small Rub Sampler contains five- 4 oz rubs. The large Rub Sampler has five- 8 oz rubs


Like a kid in a candy store…take one of everything with our Total Sampler Package.

The small sampler is one- 4 oz package of each rub, the bread dip and BBQ sauce. The large sampler is one- 8 oz package of each rub, the bread dip and BBQ sauce. Either way you’re getting the best of it all. This makes a great gift for BBQ andBlues enthusiasts.

BBQ FANatics

“I’m going to set up an I Phone alert to make sure I order more BBQ sauce we can’t keep enough on hand…..”

— Michael

“The pork rub makes the best bark for pulled pork.”

— Garry

“My father loves ribs and your bbq sauce. I get it for him all the time.”

— Shelli

“I haven’t been able to find a better barbecue sauce anywhere.”

— Mike