Prepare – If you have not tried lamb before, you might want to. It has a different taste to it that is unlike pork or beef. We really love a good leg of lamb with the rub mix. You really don’t have to do anything special to prepare or cook lamb. Prepare it as you would almost any cut of meat. Sprinkle the rub on liberally and let it rest, covered in plastic wrap,  in the refrigerator overnight if possible.

Smoking – Smoked lamb may be the answer to your “something new” cookout. Lamb can be smoked with any wood. You might try apple or hickory first. Lamb can be served a little rare and we do not suggest overcooking at all. As always, the size of your leg of lamb (or loin, chops etc) will govern your smoking time. Most lamb will self baste quite well, but don’t be afraid to use your favorite misting bottle on it toward the end of the cooking cycle.

Grilling – Lamb on the grill is extremely good. You can use direct or indirect heat to get the job done. The crusty edges are a bonus if you are the chef. They make tasty treats during cooking. Again, do not overcook the lamb. If it is a larger cut of meat, it will continue to cook a few degrees after removing it from the grill.